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Chat with anyone, anywhere with the chat extension - check out the most popular channels to see what people are saying.

You can test chat in the window to the right. Arrows in the upper right of that chat box will pop you between the popular sites to keep in touch with everyone there. You can also chat on any website using the teem bar above.

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How do I use

Grab theextension click the box in the bottom right to open your chat windows, and enjoy the new powers you now have.

Why should I use

With, there's a new way to interact with your fellow web surfers - whether that's through debating a subject dear to you on reddit, making new rageface comics, discussing a product on amazon, or finding out about cool startups on hackernews.

What data do you store about me?

None! We believe strongly inprivacy and want to ensure you have a secure and happy chat experience.

But if you have no ads and store no data, how will you make money?

Good question! This was made primarily because there has been a lack of real social interaction on the web. Don't fear - we will not pursue anything that would compromise our core beliefs about privacy and free speech.


We support ragefaces natively! Current faces supported:
Rageface Chat code
accepted :accepted
allthings :allthings
alone :alone
awyea :awyea
cereal :cereal
derp :derp
derpina :derpina
lol :lol
megusta :megusta
okay :okay
rage :rage
troll :troll
yuno :yuno


API support is currently under development. Let us know if you want to build something incredible based on the potential of!


Do you want to work on an exciting new area? Send an email to jobs @!

Please include both a note about why is interesting to you and something cool that you've done.


We value privacy highly. We don't monitor or save chat, user information or anything else.

This strong belief is also why we don't associate your registered user account with an email address - we believe that what you say and do online should be solely your business, not ours, and we want to hold as little of your personal information as possible.

Note that this means that, at present, there is no way to retrieve your password, as we store it so securely that we can't decrypt it. Make sure you don't lose your password!


You may reach us at: info @ to report any bugs, investment interest or personal inquiries.

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